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    Yacht charter - charter boats and yachts worldwide

    Weekly rate from: EUR 765

    houseboat - swimming house, y.b.: 2011, Length: 11.60 m, Cabins: 2
    Berth: Brandenburg an der Havel, Lindow (Mark), Lychen, Germany
    Region: Lakes of Mecklenburg, Havel River, Berlin, Brandenburg

    Weekly rate from: EUR 800

    sports boat, y.b.: 2019, Length: 6.05 m, Cabins: 1
    Berth: Rab, Supetarska Draga, Lopar, Croatia
    Region: Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Dalmatia, Kvarner Gulf

    Weekly rate from: EUR 1,190

    day cruiser, y.b.: 2021, Length: 7.70 m, Cabins: 1
    Berth: Tribunj, Jezera, Sibenik, Croatia
    Region: Kornati Islands, Dalmatia

    Weekly rate from: EUR 24,000

    motor yacht, y.b.: 2003, Length: 23.15 m, Cabins: 4
    Berth: Split, Croatia
    Region: Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Dalmatia

    Daily rate from: EUR 3,500

    motor yacht, y.b.: 2020, Length: 16.48 m, Cabins: 2
    Berth: Mahón, Spain
    Region: Balearic Islands, Mediterranean Sea, Minorca

    Weekly rate from: EUR 1,155

    houseboat, y.b.: 2000, Length: 9.70 m, Cabins: 2
    Berth: Benson, Chertsey, Great Britain
    Region: English canals, Thames, England

    Weekly rate from: EUR 4,590

    sailing catamaran, y.b.: 2020, Length: 12.80 m, Cabins: 4
    Berth: Lavrion, Greece
    Region: Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Cyclades

    Weekly rate from: EUR 4,000

    motor yacht, y.b.: 2018, Length: 11.66 m, Cabins: 2
    Berth: Punat, Pula, Opatija, Croatia
    Region: Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Dalmatia, Istria, Kva...

    Weekly rate from: EUR 2,400

    sailing yacht, y.b.: 2010, Length: 13.11 m, Cabins: 4
    Berth: Tallinn, Estonia
    Region: Baltic Sea, Gulf of Finland

    Weekly rate from: EUR 4,850

    sailing catamaran, y.b.: 2021, Length: 13.99 m, Cabins: 6
    Berth: Lefkas, Greece
    Region: Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea

    Weekly rate from: EUR 3,965

    motor yacht, y.b.: 1998, Length: 15.75 m, Cabins: 3
    Berth: Primosten, Croatia
    Region: Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands, Mediterranean Sea, Dalm...

    Weekly rate from: EUR 2,240

    sailing yacht, y.b.: 2014, Length: 14.60 m, Cabins: 5
    Berth: Zadar, Sukosan, Split, Croatia
    Region: Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands, Mediterranean Sea, Dalm...

    Weekly rate from: EUR 19,000

    sailing yacht, y.b.: 2009, Length: 21.90 m, Cabins: 3
    Berth: Naples, Bastia, La Maddalena, Italy, France
    Region: Corsica, Ligurian Sea, Elba, Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinia,...

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